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Why Buy Instagram Followers From MegaFamous?

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Instant Service

We understand the importance of time to our clients. Hence, we begin processing orders once they have been placed and the required payments have been made. We have designed a smooth-running system that allows us to meet the needs of our clients in record time. You can expect to start seeing an influx of followers in a matter of minutes. Considering the sensitivity of Instagram to activities considered to be against the terms and conditions, we make the follower addition process as organic as possible.

High-Quality Followers

We pride ourselves in the fact that we offer high-quality followers to our clients at affordable rates. To maintain a healthy account that can grow, you need organic followers that will engage your content naturally. We have heard reports of how some services sell bot accounts. These fake accounts do more harm than good to buyers as they add no value to the account. In addition, fake followers are shed off by the Instagram algorithm and can compromise the credibility of your account. We provide you with high-quality followers because we value your brand.

Affordable Rates

For the quality of followers we provide and our excellent customer service, you might expect a higher rate. However, we are committed to helping more people achieve their goals concerning their Instagram account growth. This is why we offer the best service at very affordable rates. The follower addition service comes in tiered packages that help you decide how you want the increase to go. Many of our regular customers have mentioned that our affordable rates allow them to buy Instagram followers practically every month.

Free Refill On Drop

Sometimes, our clients notice a drop in their follower count after the agreed number of new followers has been added. This is perfectly normal. However, we pay attention to giving high-quality followers to our clients in a short time. Our system and technique are improved such that these drop-offs are reduced to a minimal level and most clients do not even experience them. If this affects you, you will receive a prompt refill on these drops as long as the drop happens within 30 days from your purchase.

Safe Service

The last thing we want is for our clients to lose their accounts. Hence, we are very careful and adopt an organic approach in adding instant followers. This means that we are conscious of Instagram's policies and terms which hold consequences for “illegal” transactions on their accounts. Rapid increments in followers, especially low-quality followers without profile pictures, posts, or engagements are viewed as red flags. They can cause you to lose your account. We are committed to offering a safe increment in followers, and engagement for your account. Reviews from our clients further emphasize this.

Importance of buying Instagram followers

Brand Credibility

As seemingly irrelevant as some professionals try to portray a good following on Instagram, it can affect how your brand is viewed. If you claim to be a sage in your field with only 50 followers, you will likely lose some opportunities because of that. A lot of people on social media are more comfortable with following and patronizing a business, for example with a lot of followers. This is usually an indication that many people trust your brand. Humans like to feel safe when it comes to using new services or products.


The more followers you have, the more weight your words and posts carry. The Instagram algorithm works in a way that a healthy following (number and quality) makes an account self-promoting and rapidly growing. With a good quality following, you can reach more people due to increased engagements on your posts. Most users with a large following can often use their influence to make some extra money through affiliate marketing opportunities. You can also make a case for a cause that you believe in such as healthy eating and exercise.

A More Enjoyable Experience

Truly, Instagram is a lot more fun when you realize that there’s a large number of people interested in your content and cause. This is why a lot of users seek a large following. Logging in to find numerous comments, Instagram likes, and shares might be an indication that you are making useful connections with people all over the world. Most users will find this more pleasing than a page where you are the only one who likes and comments on your posts. Features like Instagram live are only really enjoyed where there is a large audience.


The satisfaction that is gained from having a large following after desiring it for so long is indescribable. As humans, we care that people are interested in whatever we are about and that is very normal. As much as people try to play down the importance of a healthy following on social media, the benefits are enormous. Having more people respond to your posts and knowing that more people than usual can learn from your concepts and ideologies is empowering. We are committed to helping our clients experience this satisfaction.

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The quality of our work is clearly displayed by reviews from our satisfied clients, some who have made multiple purchases and are benefitting from them. Get a head start on enjoying this by using our free instagram likes option.

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This is dependent on the number of followers (less time for say, 20 followers than 50 followers). Followers are added instantly and within the next 1 hour.

Yes! We add high-quality followers in a normal pattern that does not lead to your account being flagged or blocked.

Not normally. However, should you lose a few followers to Instagram drop-offs, within 30 days of placing your order, you get free refills.

You can make payments from as low as $1 using your credit card. The payment process is safe as we do not retain any sensitive information.

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