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Instagram likes can be a reflection of how much your post resonates with Instagram users. If your post has a lot of likes, it gives off a fragrance of superiority and credibility. With MegaFamous, you buy Instagram likes that are real with instant delivery.

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Why Buy Instagram Likes From MegaFamous?

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Instant Likes

Once you select your preferred item for purchase and complete your payment, you can expect your order to be delivered within the next one hour. We cause an instant but natural increase in your likes on selected posts. You get to spread out your purchased likes on multiple photos. This helps our organic approach of distribution of engagement. Such a diverse increase will have the best results for your account. Our instant service eliminates long wait periods that lead to unsatisfied clients whilst organically increasing your engagement.

Real Instagram Likes

Do you want to know what is worse than zero likes? Fake likes! These are likes from accounts that are best described as bots or non-operational accounts. These kinds of likes are as bad for your account as unhealthy food is for your body. We provide our clients with real likes targeted at improving engagements on their accounts. These likes are usually from accounts with organic engagement which provides a good framework for your account to be helped by the Instagram algorithm. As a result, your account can be brought in front of real people who are likely to interact with your content.


Our rates are very competitive and may be considered very affordable when the quality of our service is evaluated. We have been able to work out a system that allows us to serve our clients properly without taking too much from them. This is important to us, as our vision is to see more people with Instagram accounts that can support their dreams and avail them of opportunities. Affordable rates keep our clients coming back month after month to advance gradually but surely to their social media goals.

Free Refill on drop (if any)

People can lose some likes due to Instagram's routine drop-offs. This involves the removal of accounts that have been dormant or have gone against Instagram's policies. When these accounts are deleted, their likes and comments are usually also removed. We pay attention to adding real likes from real accounts that generate real and productive engagements over time. Should there be a drop in the likes purchased on your account within 30 days of purchase, we will give you a refill for free.

Safe Service

Our technique is clean as we are committed to helping our clients achieve higher numbers of video and photo likes without posing a threat to their accounts. Instagram pays attention to the activities performed on an account and any foul play detected can be met with activity restrictions or account deletion. We do not want our customers to lose their accounts. Hence, we use a technique that mimics natural engagement precisely. This service is very safe and reliable; providing long-lasting effects on your account.

Importance of Instagram Likes



Real likes serve as links between your page and those of the accounts that liked your posts. This means that your account and posts can be suggested and shown to these accounts and other accounts that have interacted with them in the past. This also helps if your posts have similar hashtags. In that case, the account does not even need to be following you to see your posts on their explore page. This function is a great tool for small brands trying to get the word out there about what they do and represent.



As simple as it seems, likes have a way of improving the way other users view your account. There are healthy “follower-to-like” ratios that show that you have a healthy following. This enables people to not see your account as one that possesses fake followers. Also, more likes on your posts than others' can throw a hint at your superiority and credibility. People like to know that they are not alone in believing or adopting a concept. A good number of likes on your photos and videos can be all that is needed to clear the doubt in a prospective customer or follower's mind.



This is often overlooked however, the satisfaction that you gain from seeing that your posts have healthy engagements cannot be overemphasized. Understanding that this has an effect on the growth and future of your brand and account helps you appreciate this the more. Also, the fact that more likes on posts lend value to the information or content in such a post makes you feel like your work is not in vain. Operators of other accounts can respect your account when you have a good number of likes per post when compared with your follower count.

economic value

Economic Value

So what if you want to grow your Instagram followers organically? There's no saying you cannot buy Instagram likes. If nothing else, this helps you towards your goal as your account is more visible to many other users. Also, a good number of likes on your post shows that you have a healthy following which could be a pointer to the value that you provide. You can add as low as 20 - 50 likes on multiple photos or videos every other month and generate organic engagements from these. Doing this, you get value for your money and a healthy account with good future growth prospects.

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The quality of our work is clearly displayed by reviews from our satisfied clients, some who have made multiple purchases of our Instagram likes and are benefitting from them. Get a head start on enjoying this by using our free instagram likes option.

Really good. Thanks MEGAFamous! If you want real marketing that works and effective implementation - MegaFamous's got you covered.


It's just amazing. It's exactly what I've been looking for.


MegaFamous is worth much more than I paid. I'm good to go. I like MegaFamous more and more each day because it makes my life a lot easier.


Wow what great service, finally the accounts are actually real.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is largely dependent on the size of the order. However, you should start seeing an instant increase in likes up to an hour after your order is placed.

Yes, it is. We direct likes to your posts from real accounts using natural methods. Your account will not be flagged for misconduct on our account.

No. However, should this happen based on Instagram's routine drop-off policies, we offer a free refill for our customers who are affected.

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