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Instagram views are another major form of engagement for videos and stories. They enhance the strength of your account, buy Instagram views from MegaFamous. We are able to provide up to 1,000,000 real views to your videos and stories, with instant delivery.

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Why Buy Instagram Views From MegaFamous?

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Instant Views

We provide real Instagram views to our client's videos and stories using real accounts. Though this is supposed to take time, we have devised a technique that allows us to add these views instantly; up to an hour after your order has been processed. If you want prompt interventions on how your videos and stories have been faring view-wise, MegaFamous is your best bet. Our clients have pointed out our speed in delivery as one of the things that make us stand out among other service providers. We are committed to providing only the best service.

High-Quality Views

The nature of Instagram's algorithm only favors engagements from active accounts owned by real people. We understand this, hence, we only provide views from real accounts to our customers with our improved technique. There are numerous benefits of getting engagements from real and active accounts. The algorithm can suggest your content to other users based on these views from other active accounts. We are not just going to add views to your stories and videos using bot accounts but REAL accounts.


We have a plan for everyone and this is essential towards the fulfillment of our mission. We want everybody to have a good shot at developing their account organically and safely. No matter what your budget is, we have a plan that works just fine for you. When you buy Instagram views from MegaFamous, it includes the direction of instant real views to your Instagram stories, video posts, and reels. These are essential elements for account growth that should be made available to every user of the app. Go through our views plans today to find one that works just perfectly for you.

0% Drop

Normally, you may be worried about the potential for your views to drop after the addition process is completed. However, this is a disclaimer to clear the air on that. From all our years of supplying views for stories, videos, and reels, we have not known view numbers to drop after supplying them. The only changes that have been detected are increases. Hence, you have no reason to be in fear. Once Instagram recognizes a video, story, or reel view, it stays counted. This is very much unlike what happens with followers and likes.

Safe Service

Our services are properly designed to avoid giving Instagram red flags. When Instagram flags an account for misconduct, restrictions are imposed on activities and this can adversely affect user experience. It can also lead to the loss of the account altogether. We value the accounts of our customers and are committed to helping them grow. The views purchased can be directed to one post or spread among multiple posts. The latter is the best option as it ensures a natural approach.

Importance of Instagram Views


Most Instagram users make use of hashtags and locations to pin their posts on the Instagram algorithm. This can favor your account in a lot of ways. Having a high number of views on your stories, reels, or videos with these hashtags and location tags will help your videos rank high among posts with such tags. This will increase your account visibility and help you towards your growth goals. Ranking highly can also open you up to brand partnership opportunities that can earn you some dollars on the side.


When your videos, reels, or stories rank highly on the Instagram algorithm, your posts are put in front of a larger audience. This means that you get higher engagements (views and comments). This is very instrumental for your account growth. Your video will be among the first few to be seen when a hashtag that you used is searched or clicked upon. This can be immensely helpful for your brand and business. Our clients have experienced an increased generation of traffic to their accounts on the premise of increased views.


With more engagement and visibility for your videos, you are on a healthy journey; growing your account every step of the way. The higher your video ranks, the more people get to see it and decide whether they want to follow you and engage with your other posts. People are more likely to interact with your video or reel if the view count is high. We also offer Instagram likes and Instagram followers services to our clients. With such a full package, you can simulate organic growth on your account and set your account up for organic engagement that is safe and long-lasting.


Higher views and the resulting engagement and growth are like a reward for the work you put into creating content and maintaining your account within Instagram’s rules. These results are bound to make you smile and may provide satisfaction which is a valid reason. People want to feel like their content is being appreciated and we understand this. Getting more views on your video allows more people to see it. The best-case result from this is an equal increase in the views and engagement, organically. This would be simply because people relate to the post.

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The quality of our work is clearly displayed by reviews from our satisfied clients, some who have made multiple purchases and are benefitting from them. Get a head start on enjoying this by using our free instagram likes option.

Mega famous has completely surpassed our expectations. It fits our needs perfectly.


I love your system. It really saves me time and effort. Megafamous is exactly what our business has been lacking.. Thanks again guys! :)


Thanks for your great services...

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Frequently Asked Questions

We supply views to your selected posts as soon as your order is processed. You will notice the influx of views instantly up to an hour later.

Yes. We add the views in a natural pattern that does not result in your account being flagged by Instagram.

No. Once views have been counted for videos, stories, or reels, they do not drop. This is consistent with normal Instagram standards.

You can make payments for the plan of your choice with your credit card. The payment process is safe as we do not retain your credit card information.

Yes. The probability for you to go viral is greatly increased when the content you have put out is engaging and trend-worthy.

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