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Want to be Instafamous? Get Likes, Followers, and Views with MegaFamous

With over 500 million people logging on to Instagram (IG) every day, the image-sharing social media platform is one of the largest social networks in the world. Since it has been shown to generate 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook, it can certainly hold its own against older social media giants. 

Businesses and influencers have thus been quick to capitalize on its user base and features for growing awareness and marketing. As of 2021, the platform is home to over 200 million business profiles from around the world while more than 80% of IG users use their accounts to follow a business.

Don’t get left behind. In this article, we offer a solution to help you quickly get your Instagram account noticed and offer other Instagram best practices.


Fast-track Social Media Growth With Community-building Services


If you manage a business and are new to Instagram or haven’t been active on the platform, it can take time before you amass a significant number of likes, followers, and story views since you’ll be starting from scratch. This can make it hard to steer attention away from competitors who may have thousands or even millions of followers already.

A quick way to instantly get more followers and gain better visibility on Instagram is by using the community-building services of MegaFamous. If you’re new to the concept, companies like MegaFamous enable businesses like yours to fast-track their social media growth by supporting them with established communities of followers. They can also guarantee a certain number of likes and views on IG to help boost the visibility of your accounts and posts so that more users will see them. 

When done correctly, buying likes and followers on Instagram can have a lot of positive outcomes for your account. Doing so can help you:


1. Grow your account more quickly

2. Build a larger, more engaged following

3. Appear more popular and credible to other users


Get 50 Free Instagram Likes With MegaFamous

One of the reasons we highly recommend MegaFamous is because of its very affordable and pocket-friendly rates. Before we get into the details, however, we have to mention that the company is offering a free trial that includes ten to 50 free likes on Instagram.

To give their services a try, you only need to set up an account and choose the posts that you want MegaFamous to like. After doing these two things, you can sit back and watch your posts gain the promised likes within an hour. These likes will be split between multiple uploads, and all of them are from high-quality accounts. 

You don’t even have to submit your credit card details, answer any surveys, comply with additional verifications, or download anything to give their services a try. 


Friendly Pricing 

If you decide that you want to give their paid programs a try after a free trial, they offer affordable rates of $0.99 for 100 views, $1.47 for 50 likes, and $2.96 for 100 followers.

Even if you opt for MegaFamous’ higher-priced plans, the rates remain competitive, allowing you to get as many as 5,000 followers, 10,000 likes, and 50,000 views for well under a hundred dollars. 

Why MegaFamous?

MegaFamous is a safer and better alternative to other similar services like FBSub Net. With FBSub Net, you can’t be sure about the quality of the social media accounts that are being used. Since Instagram favors interactions from authentic accounts that are legitimately owned by real people, subscribing to other services that use accounts that haven’t been vetted can potentially negatively impact the IG profile you’re trying to grow.

Some subscriber services will give you followers who have fake accounts and won’t engage with your content. This can hurt your account because Instagram’s algorithm ranks accounts based on authentic engagement. The more fake followers you have, the less engagement your account will have, and the lower your rank will be. 

There are a lot of people who buy likes and followers on Instagram. It’s a way to make it look like you have a larger following and it can help you grow your online presence faster. However, it’s important to make sure that the followers you’re getting are real people who are interested in what you have to say. Buying followers can backfire if you’re not careful so it’s always best to find sophisticated IG tools that provide quality service. 

In contrast, MegaFamous uses quality, real, and active Instagram accounts to quickly grow your followers, likes, and story views. They use proven techniques to generate engagement for your account and boost your profile within the platform.

There are a lot of advantages to buying quality likes and followers on Instagram. When you purchase followers, you’re able to quickly and easily increase the number of people who are following your account. This can help you to attract new followers while increasing your brand awareness and credibility. In addition, buying likes can help boost your engagement rate and story views which can also lead to more followers.

Being able to guarantee a measure of support for your account and posts is an empowering thing. It lets you focus on producing good and engaging content that will enjoy greater visibility among potential clients and brand supporters.

In the following section, we outline helpful tips that can help you effectively gain and increase your audience with quality content and by taking advantage of Instagram’s features.

Keys to Instagram Engagement and Success 

Now that you have a greater chance of getting better visibility by jumpstarting your likes, followers, and story views, here are some general Instagram tips for businesses to keep in mind.

Use IG Reels to Reel in Audiences

IG reels are like Facebook stories since they only appear for a limited time of 24 hours. After that time, your reel will disappear but while it’s active, it’s the first thing people will see on your profile and provides an engaging way to catch your audience’s attention. 

Reels can be up to 15 seconds long and should be a collection of your best work. This can be video clips, motion graphics, or a montage of still images. One of the biggest reasons why you should prioritize reels is you can use them to build brand awareness, reach a larger audience, and grow your customer base.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience in animation or video editing. There are plenty of resources that can help you produce good videos.

Creatively Showcase What You Can Do

The very nature of Instagram as an image-sharing platform encourages creativity. Show audiences what your company can do and don’t be afraid to go outside the box. Just make sure that you use compelling visual content at all times and that you tell a cohesive and brand-boosting story whenever possible.

If you sell products, show the world how your items provide unique solutions to problems. If you sell services, you can go behind the scenes and show everyone what it takes to deliver them. 

One of the greatest things about social media (including Instagram) is it gives companies an authentic way to tell personal stories, share their values, and impart their business culture. With Instagram, there are virtually countless ways to do this with photos and short videos.


Hashtag Your Way to Social Media Success

Hashtags aren’t just for Twitter anymore. These days, most social media networks — Instagram included — rely on them. 

Hashtags on Instagram can get your post noticed by new audiences who are following the same hashtags or keep certain groups updated. 

While you’re at it, don’t forget to start a hashtag with your brand name as well.

Though Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, you get better results if you go easy on hashtags. Use between three and five hashtags as a general rule and only use them if they’re relevant to what you’re hashtagging. 

There are two ways you can insert hashtags. You can insert them at the end of your post or incorporate them as part of your post description. 

Celebrate Social Media Holidays

An easy way to produce engaging content is to leverage social media holidays. What are social media holidays? They’re basically dates of various celebrations from the more serious (like Human Trafficking Awareness Day, January 11) to the more mundane (like Potato Chip Day, March 14). 

By using these holidays, you can easily and conveniently remind your stakeholders that something related to your business should be acknowledged and appreciated. Again, you can use hashtags to get attention and be part of the fanfare. If, for example, your company sells aged vintage cheeses, January 20 or Cheese Lovers Day is something you might want to celebrate with a special post that contains #CheeseLoversDay.

Don’t know where to find these social media holidays? Here’s a useful and updated list from Hubspot for 2022.


MegaFamous: Get a Leg Up on Instagram

Getting started on Instagram can be discouraging if you’re starting with zero followers. Services like the ones offered by MegaFamous can help you quickly gain visibility without struggling to win over your first followers, likes, and story views.

MegaFamous only uses legitimate accounts to create support for you. The service also uses proven techniques to help boost your Instagram stats. Plus, there’s a free trial that lets you sample their service with up to 50 likes

By working with MegaFamous, your post has a stronger chance of being seen. This means that you can focus on producing quality content like IG reels that can earn you organic traffic and a sizable following in less time.

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